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Blogging Again

I have a new blog! If you would like to join me over at According to Jolene I would love to have you! I blog about everything, but mostly about plus size clothing(including outfit posts) and cooking/baking right now. I've been blogging there for months now, but thought maybe some of my old readers might be interested to know I'm blogging again, I miss interacting with my old readers!

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Ciao Babes!

Well, as you can see I have pretty much abandoned my blog(maybe the Christmas background still up was the first clue LOL). I hit a stretch where I just didn't have time to blog regularly and lost all my readers. After that even when I did try to blog the readers were few, I guess everyone moved on :(. I'm very grateful for those of you who did still read me, thank you so much, I very much appreciate you!

It's just hard to find the motivation to keep blogging anymore, before it was my readers that kept me going. Life is busy as always, we are on the move again(this time not by choice, our landlord has decided to sell so we must move from this lovely house :( ).

I really would like to blog again in the future, but I honestly don't see it happening anytime soon. I have started trying to use Twitter more again though, so if you're on it you can find me via the Twitter widget over to the right.

So, I guess that's all I have to say :), just thought I would leave some sort of closing post for now so y'all know I'm still alive and kicking. Depression has been kicking my butt lately, so that definitely doesn't help get the excitement for blogging to flow.

I guess it's not goodbye, but see ya later!

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Doesn’t matter what I title it, nobody reading anyway. I don’t miss all the time Entrecard took up, but I miss the readers it brought, guess I’m  not a good enough blogger for anyone to read without incentive. Oh well, whatever. Story of my life apparently. You think that once you reach adulthood you would no longer have to worry about fitting in and all that crap….but you do. I’m well into my 30’s and have actually found “fitting in” even harder than it was back in school. So whatever, I don’t think I really even care anymore.

So this is just for my own tracking then.

Bought Ideas
Bear (9, Boy) Soft Cat Blanket, Watch, PJ’s
Jman (almost 12, Boy) Soft Dog Blanket, Watch, PJ’s  
Jman & Bear Nintendo Wii, Extra Wii controllers, Wii accessory kit, 3 Wii Games  
Alex (hubby) PJ’s Camcorder
Prestin (under 1, boy) Rock N' Ride Brown Pony  
Madalyn (2, girl) Doll Gear(Stroller, P.Pen etc)
George (4, boy) Hungry Hungry Hippos,
Crayola Pip-Squeak Thin Markers
Ian (almost 8, boy) Monopoly City,
Crayola Pip-Squeak Markers
Mom & Dad(Old! LOL) Christmas Ornament The Pioneer Woman Cooks, Gift Card
MIL & FIL(even Older! LOL) Digital Photo Frame, Mini-Frames  

So, as I mentioned in my previous post(ok, I start way too many sentences/paragraphs with “so” LOL), I plan to get hubby a camcorder for Xmas. Way more than I  should be spending, but nobody seems to be talking me out of it, more talking me into it LOL.

But anyway….I’ve looked up lots of reviews and I *think* I’ve decided on which one to get, I would love to spend about $100 less than that(would be a much more manageable amount), but you get what you pay for right?

So(there I go again!) if anyone owns this camera I would like to know what YOU think about it:


JVC Evario GZ-MS120

Omg why does figuring out gifts have to be so darn frustrating? Or is it just me? LOL

I guess I have always had this thing for wanting to give the perfect gift, but have never had the money to give me a lot of choices. For most of my gifts for others this year I chose to go pretty simple, when I look back at all the time I spent trying to figure out a great gift I just don’t feel it was worth it because it was no better received than any other gift. So either the gift wasn’t as great as I thought, or the recipients really didn’t care. So it’s pretty much first thing I see that I think is good(or my kids have said, hey get that for them), that is what I got. My niece is different because for some reason she is so easy to buy for! For her it’s hard not buying up everything, but I had an idea leftover from last Christmas and her Birthday because I couldn’t find it, well I found it this time! So I have to force myself not to buy anything more for her.

Anyhoo, for my hubby and kids it’s different, I still want to get great gifts(not that my kids honestly deserve something so fantastic LOL, they have not been so great this year!, but they’re still my boys and I love them). So I decided on a Wii for the kids, really it’s for the whole family, I think it will be great for all of us. By the time I get the Wii, games and accessories for it, my usual PJ’s for everyone, and stocking stuffers, I will already be over what I ever spend on Christmas. So I stressed over where to buy everything from. I finally got that figured out, so far we only have the actual console itself, but that’s the important piece anyway LOL. So now I’m trying to figure out hubby’s gift. Normally our limit is about $100 to spend on each other(at least for the years we actually have money LOL). Well, what I really really want to get him I am not going to get for under $100, so after input from friends on Facebook I think I am going over our limit and buying him a camcorder. We have wanted one for a long time and always say “next year”, well as we keep saying “next year” our kids are getting older and there already have been so many memories I wish we had recorded, we’re only going to keep missing them until we actually get a camcorder. It looks like I can get a fairly decent one for under $300.

While I try to get over the fact that I’m spending so much and knowing I’m going to have to do some real number crunching and budgeting in the new year, I’m totally stressing and frustrating myself over what camcorder to get! I have like a dozen tabs open on my browser looking at different cams and reviews and all that. It seems every one of them has a good number of people that like that particular model as well as a good number who didn’t. I can’t figure out which one to go for!! Of course I would rather spend less, but I don’t want to buy something and find out it’s one that takes crappy videos, or it’s one that is a headache to actually put your video on discs from….or whatever of the many other complaints I see here and there about the cams. Add on top of that that I have never had one so I don’t quite understand some of the differences of what they record onto and how to transfer that to the computer and onto DVD’s. I don’t want to buy something that we will end up having to buy expensive cassettes for, or something that we will have to buy a specific program to convert things.

I guess we are having a good Christmas this year LOL(hubby already got me a Dyson, early gift, I was in BAD need of a new vacuum), making up for the many years we have not. But it still doesn’t mean we can necessarily afford it LOL. I get told a lot that I stress way too much over this kind of thing. We don’t smoke, we don’t drink, we don’t do drugs, we don’t go to bars, we don’t even go on holidays to spend money on, so I shouldn’t feel bad spending money on something like this….but I do….guess it’s from spending so many years with no money LOL.

Anyone have anything to say good or bad about some of the under $300 camcorders on the market I would love to hear it!!

Winter Blahhs

Yes, it’s technically not Winter yet. But what else do you call it when it’s –30 and deep snow everywhere? We had a wonderful Blizzard on Friday, and while the snow stopped falling Saturday morning, we are still have what it left behind, and extremely cold temperatures. Thank goodness our street isn’t as bad as some, we had to go out Saturday for a bit to return library books and get some food and we got stuck briefly but myself and 3 wonderful guys who I think had already been pushing people out all day got us out fairly easily. I have seen pictures friends have posted on Facebook and seen pictures on the news of some communities where the snow drifted so high that cars were almost completely covered.

I have great thoughts of things I want to get done right now. I want to do some baking. I have a basement that is in complete and utter chaos that is going to remain that way until I do something about it, because I know nobody else is going to do it. My pantry yet again needs completely emptied and re-organized, I made my kids do it only a week ago because they are the ones who make a mess of it, but they didn’t even clean it well in the first place and had it a disaster again within 2 days. I have blinds that need pulled down and cleaned, curtains that could use a washing, walls that need a scrubbing. But instead of doing all that I’m stuck sitting on the couch with a heating pad because my back and hip are in such pain I can hardly walk without crying in pain after each step. All of last week I was in pain, but this morning it’s worse than ever, even just sitting here I want to cry it hurts so much. I don’t know if it’s so bad because of the cold, or it’s something more than that. It sucks though whatever the reason for it. I know pushing the car out on Saturday didn’t help, but while it hurt bad afterward, it didn’t hurt as bad as it does this morning.

Since the storm ruined my plans to go out and do some Christmas shopping this weekend I ended up ordering a few things online, one thing I really wanted to get was on sale and I was worried we wouldn’t get there before the sale was over or they sold out of it, so at least I was able to take care of my niece and 2 of my nephews gifts. Found what I want for my other nephew too I think, but it wasn’t on sale and would have cost extra shipping, so I’m taking a chance I will be able to go buy it next weekend. So here is my updated Christmas list.


Bought Ideas
Bear (9, Boy)   Wii Game, Soft Cat Blanket
Jman (almost 12, Boy)   Wii Game, Soft Dog Blanket
Jman & Bear Nintendo Wii Wii accessories
Alex (hubby)
Prestin (under 1, boy)   Rock N' Ride Brown Pony
Madalyn (2, girl) Doll Gear(Stroller, P.Pen etc)
George (4, boy) Hungry Hungry Hippos,
Crayola Pip-Squeak Thin Markers
Ian (almost 8, boy) Monopoly City,
Crayola Pip-Squeak Markers
Mom & Dad(Old! LOL)   The Pioneer Woman Cooks
MIL & FIL(even Older! LOL) Digital Photo Frame  


I’m sure you all have seen and heard about the Tassimo Brewing Systems. Well, I WANT  one of these!! I LOVE my coffee, but I’m rather picky about it too. I’m also the only coffee drinker in the house, which makes it kind of a bummer if all I want is one cup of coffee. I find that regular coffee makers don’t make the coffee well if it’s less than about 6 cups perked. So the Tassimo would be perfect for me so I can make my one cup at a time whenever I actually want it.

Even better though, with the Tassimo you can also make Lattes, Cappuccino, and even Hot Chocolate! Which means it is incredibly useful for the whole family since hubby and kids love Hot Chocolate. I’ve never really tried Lattes or Cappuccino to be honest with you, but I’m sure I would give them a try with one of these since I wouldn’t have to pay what coffee shops are asking for them!

So, why am I blogging about a coffee maker? Because I want to WIN it from My Organized Chaos! That’s why! LOL. You can mosey on over to her blog and check it out(it’s a great blog and she always has lots of great contests)…..but pleeeeeeeeease let me win it ok ;)……hey, it’s been yet another rough year, I think I deserve it :).

My Organized Chaos