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Feature Friday #9

hmmm, do I get a prize for being on time with my poll and FF today? C'mon, I deserve something don't I? I've had a couple blah days in a row and still managed to do them. No? Well ok then, I'll get on with it.

Today's FF will leave you oooooo'ing at the amazing talent and drooling for something sweet and sugary possibly.

Cake. Almost everyone likes the stuff, even if you don't like the taste of it(in which case I wonder if you do in fact have a pulse) you probably at least love to see a nice cake for special occasions. Weddings, Anniversaries, and Birthdays are probably the top occasions we all think of picking out just the right cake for. Often the cake is one of main attractions of these occasions, ok ok, maybe the cake doesn't always get more attention than the least not unless you have one of these cakes at your Wedding!

I had the whole family peering over my shoulder the other night in amazement as I browsed through the gallery looking at these creations that are nothing short of incredible! Anyone can bake a cake(oh come on, don't even try to say you can't! even those useless in the kitchen can at least add eggs and oil to a mix and turn on an oven and a timer), but it takes sheer talent to put together these amazing cakes!

I would like to give credit to  Wedding Cake Hints, it is thanks to this blog that features a lot of these amazing cakes and others that I found my FF #9 site/blog.

Soooo, my FF is Pink Cake Box, Anne Heap is the cake designer and founder, and I cannot say enough about her talent! Be sure to check out her blog on her site, and especially the gallery. And be prepared to be totally, completely and utterly in awe!

Since this I think is the first blog I have feature that is not a member of Entrecard, I don't have a 125x125 ad to use, so I'm going to use a picture of one of her most amazing cakes(can you believe this is a cake!?) and hope she doesn't mind me doing so(If you happen to come and read this Anne and don't want me to use your picture I will gladly remove it for you.).



PinkCakeBox said...

Jennifer - thanks for recognizing our work :)

Jolene said...

It's Jolene, he he ;), and you're more than welcome!!

Callie Ann said...

That is an awesome pic... beautiful. Hey girl, love the topic of the poll today!!!

My most favorite kind of blogs are people blogs, real life stories...

Thanks for sharing. I so enjoy visiting you!!!

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

wow! What a cake! GGreat idea for an avatar!

Nessa said...

You're kidding right? How the hello can that be a cake??? Seriously? OMG lol, that's not just talent, it's like.........gravity defying and absolutely gorgeous!

Great find Miss Jolene. Hope your week is getting better.