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Doesn’t matter what I title it, nobody reading anyway. I don’t miss all the time Entrecard took up, but I miss the readers it brought, guess I’m  not a good enough blogger for anyone to read without incentive. Oh well, whatever. Story of my life apparently. You think that once you reach adulthood you would no longer have to worry about fitting in and all that crap….but you do. I’m well into my 30’s and have actually found “fitting in” even harder than it was back in school. So whatever, I don’t think I really even care anymore.

So this is just for my own tracking then.

Bought Ideas
Bear (9, Boy) Soft Cat Blanket, Watch, PJ’s
Jman (almost 12, Boy) Soft Dog Blanket, Watch, PJ’s  
Jman & Bear Nintendo Wii, Extra Wii controllers, Wii accessory kit, 3 Wii Games  
Alex (hubby) PJ’s Camcorder
Prestin (under 1, boy) Rock N' Ride Brown Pony  
Madalyn (2, girl) Doll Gear(Stroller, P.Pen etc)
George (4, boy) Hungry Hungry Hippos,
Crayola Pip-Squeak Thin Markers
Ian (almost 8, boy) Monopoly City,
Crayola Pip-Squeak Markers
Mom & Dad(Old! LOL) Christmas Ornament The Pioneer Woman Cooks, Gift Card
MIL & FIL(even Older! LOL) Digital Photo Frame, Mini-Frames  


Sandee said...

You're still in my Google reader so I do see all your posts. I guess I'm a lurker. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. :)

Jolene said...

thank you Sandee :)