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Winter Blahhs

Yes, it’s technically not Winter yet. But what else do you call it when it’s –30 and deep snow everywhere? We had a wonderful Blizzard on Friday, and while the snow stopped falling Saturday morning, we are still have what it left behind, and extremely cold temperatures. Thank goodness our street isn’t as bad as some, we had to go out Saturday for a bit to return library books and get some food and we got stuck briefly but myself and 3 wonderful guys who I think had already been pushing people out all day got us out fairly easily. I have seen pictures friends have posted on Facebook and seen pictures on the news of some communities where the snow drifted so high that cars were almost completely covered.

I have great thoughts of things I want to get done right now. I want to do some baking. I have a basement that is in complete and utter chaos that is going to remain that way until I do something about it, because I know nobody else is going to do it. My pantry yet again needs completely emptied and re-organized, I made my kids do it only a week ago because they are the ones who make a mess of it, but they didn’t even clean it well in the first place and had it a disaster again within 2 days. I have blinds that need pulled down and cleaned, curtains that could use a washing, walls that need a scrubbing. But instead of doing all that I’m stuck sitting on the couch with a heating pad because my back and hip are in such pain I can hardly walk without crying in pain after each step. All of last week I was in pain, but this morning it’s worse than ever, even just sitting here I want to cry it hurts so much. I don’t know if it’s so bad because of the cold, or it’s something more than that. It sucks though whatever the reason for it. I know pushing the car out on Saturday didn’t help, but while it hurt bad afterward, it didn’t hurt as bad as it does this morning.

Since the storm ruined my plans to go out and do some Christmas shopping this weekend I ended up ordering a few things online, one thing I really wanted to get was on sale and I was worried we wouldn’t get there before the sale was over or they sold out of it, so at least I was able to take care of my niece and 2 of my nephews gifts. Found what I want for my other nephew too I think, but it wasn’t on sale and would have cost extra shipping, so I’m taking a chance I will be able to go buy it next weekend. So here is my updated Christmas list.


Bought Ideas
Bear (9, Boy)   Wii Game, Soft Cat Blanket
Jman (almost 12, Boy)   Wii Game, Soft Dog Blanket
Jman & Bear Nintendo Wii Wii accessories
Alex (hubby)
Prestin (under 1, boy)   Rock N' Ride Brown Pony
Madalyn (2, girl) Doll Gear(Stroller, P.Pen etc)
George (4, boy) Hungry Hungry Hippos,
Crayola Pip-Squeak Thin Markers
Ian (almost 8, boy) Monopoly City,
Crayola Pip-Squeak Markers
Mom & Dad(Old! LOL)   The Pioneer Woman Cooks
MIL & FIL(even Older! LOL) Digital Photo Frame  


Sandee said...

I'm feeling the same blahhs. It's just too cold and too dreary. :(